Coaching Approach

About my approach

I'm passionate about using evidence-based techniques to help you bring out the best in yourself in all areas of your life, professionally and personally. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, I leverage a positive psychology approach - supporting you in gaining greater clarity on your natural talents and core values so you can more effectively leverage them in support of your goals. We'll also look at any triggers that tend to derail you, and how to get back on track quickly if they do!

Our coaching partnership is:

Driven by you

At the start of the coaching, we establish goals that you feel inspired and motivated to work toward. While I may propose exercises in support of your goals, the agenda for each session is always driven by you. And we have check-ins along the way to make sure you feel we are making progress in the right direction.

Shoulder to shoulder

We work shoulder to shoulder as partners. I bring my coaching skill and you bring your expertise on you. We both need to show up equally to make the coaching a success. And we use any challenges that come up along the way as the remarkably powerful tools they are for learning, growth, and transformation.

"Whole person"

We invite in all aspects of what makes you uniquely you. Wearing different hats in different environments (e.g., work and home) can feel exhausting and disingenuous. We explore how to bring one authentic "you" into everything you do, professionally and personally.

If my coaching approach resonates, let's talk!