A few words from coaching clients

Navigating change

"I am extremely grateful to have had Courtney as a coach. She assisted me in defining and understanding my personal values; knowing these then enabled me to achieve my goals during an intense period of several major life changes. She was an effective sounding board during a challenging period in my professional life, guiding me in analyzing and mitigating some of my reactions to stressful situations. I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach, and I am very optimistic that others will find her wisdom and warmth as supportive and encouraging as I did!" 

Cultivating deeper understanding

"Courtney has an innate empathic understanding of issues that hold people back. She asks insightful questions and will pursue a slim thread into the core of the matter. This always resulted in a deeper understanding and a path towards change. Her follow through and offers of assistance helped keep me moving forward. She would not allow me to stay stuck in negative habits."

Practicing self compassion

"Courtney helped me discover a hidden gem: the art of being kind to myself. Not doing this was the source of my unhappiness and stress. I had a constant feeling of not having done enough or needing to do more, and I often felt sad and disappointed. Discovering and exploring this concept with Courtney has changed my life forever! I am now very satisfied and happy. I feel at peace regardless of whether I have achievements, challenges, or failures, and I am forever thankful for this gift. It seems like a simple thing, but it was not. It was a process, accompanied by this wonderful woman Courtney."